Glossybox: AUGUST!


It’s delivery day!

When the postman knocks on my door and he’s got his little PDA in his hand I get all giddy cause it means I’m signing for my Glossybox! Whoop!! (If you’ve been living under a rock, you can check out Glossybox here).


ooh fancy!

On first look I thought the box design was a nod to our Team GB over in Rio but once I opened it and read the Editors Card I realized it was personalized Monogramming from Rae Feather, and there was a matching Pochette inside! Yay!


every box comes beautifully wrapped like this.

As usual with the team at Glossybox, I am never disappointed in the products they choose for me. Literally, for me, I gave my hair colour and skin type information when I signed up 5 years ago and most of the products are tailored to suit me. Aug4

Alongside the beautiful box and matching pouch I received:

  • MUA Eyeshadow Palette. I was given the choice to choose which palette to receive but I never got round to replying to the email so I left it in the hands of the Gods. They chose well! Although all the colors are nudes, there are some that come out more punchy on the skin than they look in the palette. In store these are only £4 and in my opinion, worth every penny, the quality is wonderful and the staying power is good. I tested them on an 8 hour shift at work and I cycle both ways. Winning.
  • MUDMASKY Face Detox Purifying Recovery Mask. I’ve only used this once and was impressed, my skin was tighter and pores were visibly reduced. Its recommended use is once a week and with the full size price tag of £53 you wouldn’t want to waste it by using it everyday. I’m looking forward to adding this to my skin care routine.
  • SPA TO YOU Deep Pore Cleansing Brush. I’ve never thought to use a brush to exfoliate with, I always considered the little balls in the exfoliator wash good enough- until now. I tested the brush over the sink, as directed with warm water, and a cheap AVON Gel Cleanser that I’d never had very good results with before so it was left to dry out in the cupboard. I can only assume the Brush did all the hard work because my skin was as smooth and soft as a baby’s bottom after! I will definitely be adding this into my skin routine permanently. RRP £6.99
  • COWSHED Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion. I had the genius idea to throw this in my handbag because it was a cute travel size. I took the kids swimming, then went to the park. I was sitting on the grass and noticed my horribly disgusting dried out white knees. Gross. Remembered aforementioned genius idea and slapped this bad boy on. It smells DIVINE and that is always a winner for me when it comes to body lotions. Will absolutely be buying this again. It didn’t dry out at all. My skin was soft right up to bedtime. RRP £20

I have never received a Glossybox that I didn’t love and this one is no exception. I’ve taken to dividing my boxes up for storage too. I have one where I keep all the travel sized items because we go camping a lot throughout the year so they always get used .I have a box for items that are outside of my usual routine, fake eyelashes, hair masks etc, a box for items that I will use day to day and buy again and finally, a box where I store the items that I will never use and will pass on as gifts, luminescent nail varnish anyone?

If you’re interested in any of the items, and I recommend them ALL, you can visit each of their online stores here by clicking on them:

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite beauty items and how you discovered them.

Lola x


4 thoughts on “Glossybox: AUGUST!

  1. My Chaotically Eclectic Life says:

    The contents of this box look fabulous. I’ve used MUA products before and they are brilliant value for money and will definitely be looking into the other products. I’m thinking about signing up for a beauty box myself (well halves with my eldest) and this may have just swayed me x


    • lolaperoni says:

      I would definitely try it, for the £13.95 it costs in total (£9.99 + P+P) it is so definitely worth the value and usually you get full size items so is really worth the money. I find the boxes are equally balanced, I get some like this one and some that are straight forward 5 items of make up, liners and mascaras etc. I love getting it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Julia says:

    This box was absolutely amazing!! I’m craving for this beauty subscription now ;_; the MUA palette seems perfect for you skin/eyes/hair type, I would love to see how you’re going to use it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. lolaperoni says:

    Thanks Julia, I don’t claim to be very awesome at make up but I’m confident at applying my own so I was thinking of doing a MOTD post. I might do one using the MUA palette and see how I get on. You should definitely try the box!


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