Boy Wizard Box from UglyBugDoes

I know I am late to the party with this planner stationery bundle because everyone else had one weeks ago when it launched. I saw Emma-Louise from The Stationery Geekette blog about her awesome box and Annie from Three Little Buhos so I rushed to Michelle’s Etsy shop to buy one… And they were all gone! 

I pinged Michelle a message and as luck would have it she had some leftovers that she was going to keep and agreed to sell me the box. Yay! 

The Boy Wizard box

Inside I received; 6 sheets of planner stickers, a Hogwarts postcard/journal card, a canvas pouch with the Deathly Hallows logo on, a quill pen and a Lego Harry! I am so impressed with the quality of everything too. 

Super excited about getting Harry as I know the boxes are probably randomised so not everyone would have got him, Yay for me!! 


If you haven’t shopped at UglyBugDoes yet you should, a lot of work clearly goes into the items. I can’t wait to start using my stickers, Thank you Michelle! 

Lola X 


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