Beauty Review: October Glossybox !


Oh yay! It’s that time again! I got October’s GlossyBox on Monday and I’ve already tried ALL of the products. Yes, ALL of them. And what’s even more exciting, is that this months box was FREE!! I had accrued lots and lots of GlossyDots (points) by filling in surveys on each of the products month by month. You get 20 dots for each product you review on the website, and when you have 1000, you get a free box! Yippee!  

I’ve been away for a long weekend in Cumbria from last Friday and I was keen to crack open my box on Monday when I got home after a 5 hour drive with two frustrated kids in the car. Bath was run, kids were fed and carted off to bed, I slipped into the warm bubbles and pored over the info card that comes in the box. oct2

First item I tried was the face wash/mask; 

BEE GOOD – Honey & Camelina Facial Exfoliator.

This is Full Size product and retails for £10.50 so straight away I’ve got back the value of what I would have paid for the whole box, in one product. I applied this in the bath, it went on smooth, provided just enough tingle to have you believe it was working and left me with soft skin. Winning.  

TRIFLE COSMETICS – Lip Parfait Buttery Lip Cream.

This was another Full Size product and retails for £12.95 so definitely worth keeping in my arsenal, however, based entirely on the colour, its completely redundant to me. It claims to be a universal nude but it came out chalky and looked like I’d accidentally put concealer on my lips. It was hydrating and it didn’t dry out and go matte like a lot of these creams do but unfortunately this will be one that I can only wear at home as a lip treatment.  

UNIVERSAL BEAUTY COSMETICS – Secret Flush Blusher & Lip Stain Duo.

Another full size product at £15.00 and OH MY GOD I LOVE it! This will definitely be purchased again, and again, and again. I’ve already put it in my “School Run” pot so I can slick it across my eyelids, cheekbones and lips and dash out to school with the kids and look like I have a healthy glow (even when I’ve been up since 3am with the teething child and I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards). 


NUXE – Shimmering Dry Oil.

I’ve had this product before in a GlossyBox a few years ago and remember not being totally enamored by it. The card doesn’t say as much, but I suspect they’ve changed the formula as this came out totally different to what I remember it being before. This time, after my bath, I ran it through the ends of my hair, applied it to the dry skin on my heels and totally covered my arms and décolleté. Though it is a DRY oil, it didn’t come out dry or dry my skin out. Tuesday morning my arms felt smooth and plump, so I have been pleasantly surprised by this product. A Full Size one retails at £34 so if Dry Oils are your thing, try and get a sample of this before you dive in.  

PS…PRO – Miracle Pencil.

Who knew Primark did a full range of make up now!? I did not. I am always in there replacing the kids vests and socks but it never occurs to me to explore the beauty area. Imagine my surprise at this little Gem of a make up pencil. It really lives up to its name too. Tuesday I applied it under my lower lashes and under my bottom lip where my lipstick often bleeds and it stayed put all day. I am ALWAYS skeptical about cheap make up products, cause how can they possibly be that good for £2?, so I will continue to test this one, but so far, so good. oct4


The white tube pictured on the far left is a Mystery product! Ooohh!! This months box was put together by another guest editor, Estee Lalonde. On the product card she states that the Mystery product is the latest innovation from a brand that’s graced her bathroom shelves for years. I’ve no idea who it is, but I used it in my bath (which I don’t normally do, a hair wash is usually in the shower for me, something about fresh water instead of bath water etc) but this was LOVELY ! Visit her blog at the end of the month for the big reveal at  

If I were to choose a favorite this month it would be the UB Secret Flush (black tube). I adore wearing make up but I acknowledge that, no matter how pure the products and their ingredients are, you can never be too sure about what you’re putting on your face. So any chance I get to go ‘bare faced’ and still feel like I’m wearing something is winning for me.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Lola x



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