Beauty Blog: AVON

I’ve been wearing AVON make up for years. As you would expect I’ve spent and wasted alot of money on their products because you just dont know how good they will be until they are delivered. After you’ve paid for them. 

What I didnt expect though was how much I would come to LOVE their range of Lipsticks. I cannot fault the formula and staying power.

Every so often I will buy a concealer or eyeshadow but every month I will buy at least 1 Lipstick. My favourite range is their Ultra Colour Bold. The colours are amazing and the pigments last all day and in my experience, they’re better than MAC or MaxFactor.

Anyway- onto my post. On a Friday I cram alot in. I leave the house at 8am for the school run and then cram some errands in before getting home for 10am to put the baby down for her nap. I do my cleaning chores until she wakes for lunch at 12pm. Then we’ll play either in the garden, at the park or at the soft play zone until school pick up time.

At 4pm my Son goes to Gymnastics and I have to socialise with the other Mums in my cleaning Friday park clothes. You can imagine how my make up looks after all that. I dont wear MAC or Laura Geller on a Friday. I wear AVON

For 3 main reasons;

Its quick and easy to apply.

Its inexpensive so I dont mind if it slides off my face at soft play… but… for the last reason…

It DOESNT slide off my face! 

At 7am this morning I slicked on my face. Im not wearing Foundation today so put Taupe Eyeshadow directly on my eyelids and lined them with Blackest Black Glimmerstick Eyeliner.

Framed my cheekbones with Soft Plum blush, which I bought a month ago for Autumn. I never leave the house without lippie either so I lined them with Pink Bouquet and filled them with my new Toasted Rose which is the creamiest lipstick Ive ever bought from AVON. 

So I get to carry on with my usual busy Friday and not have to worry about looking as exhausted as I feel. 

If you havnt tried AVON I would totally recommend that you do. 

If you already use AVON, let me know your favourite products. Do you wear them exclusively or mix with other brands? Let me know!



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