Confessions of a Mediocre Mum: Coo Parenting App.


It’s been a while since my last Confession’s post and with all the drama that surrounds being a Mum at Christmas, I thought now would be a good time to write a new one.

Even though I carry my beautiful leather Filofax with me everywhere I go, I’m really only carrying the information that I have put in there myself. If I have forgotten to write down an important date and then I tell someone I’m free that day, I then have to then ring them the next day and say “oh sorry… need to cancel”. Its embarrassing.

This has happened to me a lot since Dinky Doo started school. He’s now Year 2 so I thought I could copy dates from last year for events and half terms and keep on top of it but it just doesn’t work like that. I confess, I’ve been a terrible School Mum this term. He’s been the kid going in without his Pirate Ship model because it wasn’t dry on time, because we thought we had another week. He’s the kid that didn’t have his Halloween costume on until 10 minutes into the party because I had to go all the way back home to get it. He’s the kid that didn’t have American Day school dinner because I forgot to put it on the calendar and return the slip.

I suck, and my poor wee son is suffering for it. I attempted to manually enter school events on my clock alarm but when that goes off 10 minutes before an event, it left a lot of room for error. Thank the techie app making gods at Coo! My Son’s Nativity and Christmas Events have been saved!

I first discovered Coo on Instagram, you know when you go through the search screen stalking people’s fitness photos and creative parenting crafts? In the middle of all the magical mums that have their well organized lives together, I saw this: coo3

Well that sounds like me so naturally, I followed them instantly. I’m so glad I did. It turns out that Coo was a relatively new app at the time and the creators behind it also had kids and were dealing with my very relevant struggles at the school gate. I joined the Facebook page too and saw more images that confirmed these were my kind of people. LOL

coo2 coo4

Coo sells itself as “a calendar app with a Facebook twist“, only it isn’t selling anything because its FREE and available on both iTunes Store and Google Play. Harry and I both downloaded it and since my Mum does afterschool childcare for me, I had her download it too. I input my email address, got one confirmation email (with no adverts or anything, winning!) and that was it. The homepage had like a Whatsapp group on it labeled ‘Lets Coo’ and it had tons of threads of tips on how to get the most out of the app. I created a group labeled ‘Family’ and added Mum and Harry to it, then discovered that they had received a notification and were both writing posts on it. I put a few things in the calendar and they both commented on the Events.

It quickly became apparent that this could be useful on a much wider scale. A group for the school was set up and after a quick email to Shilpa at Coo, who was more than happy to help me, the school calendar was downloaded from their website and entered into a new group labeled ‘School’ on the Coo app! I didn’t have to do anything except tell all the other School Mums it was there, and they were quick to download and get involved.

Since then, it has become much more than just a keep in touch school calendar. Due to its comment function, which includes images, it’s given all of us Mums a place to chat with ease about the kids, coffee dates at Costa, and of course events at school we might have missed. The best part for me personally is, new Mums can only join my group by Password, something which Facebook doesn’t offer and to me, makes it private and a bit more close-knit. I know exactly who can see my messages and photos.

A recent message posted on there by Archie’s Mum was “Has anyone got a Camel costume for tomorrow? He doesn’t want to be a sheep anymore” led to 12 responses from Mums who did actually have a camel costume. Archie went in the next day happy as a pig in mud, and his Mum was chuffed to bits that he wasn’t a sulking sheep on the Nativity DVD.

If, like me, you’re a mediocre Mum (or Dad, Granddad, Care Giver), you need to download the Coo app and take some pressure off yourself. Create a group for school and share events, or create one for your own family to keep everyone together…

…actually, don’t do the family one if your Mum is like mine; she added 9 more family members and has been arranging Christmas dinners and Carol Singing events at the park and we can’t pretend we haven’t got the messages.

You can check out the article the Evening Standard wrote about them by clicking here and you can visit their website here to learn more about it.

Go download it now …  and make your New Years Resolution to be THE MOST organized parent on the planet!

Lola x





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